Just found some great reviews about us on yelp!

By day, it’s an office space for all sorts of creative types. Sometimes by night, it’s host to parties that you never thought would exist in Brisbane.

…The Thought Fort is a place home to all sorts of creatives by day and by night. As soon as I walked into the venue, I felt right at home….

-Shele P.-


Prices range from daily, weekly or monthly hire and include a desk, air-conditioning, internet access, cleaning, basic printing (don’t print a magazine), Friday beers and an exotic fish tank. Also included is the great opportunity to network with like-minded people who are sharing the same experiences of building a business. ┬áThe current tenants are an eclectic mix of designers, musicians, artists and programmers but don’t let this deter you from applying. If you’re working on a great idea, you need some temporary office space, you want like-minded people to inspire and support you, then check out the Thought Fort.

– Marianne S. –

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