Getting the right dynamic for a productive and vibrant co-working space is all about getting the right mix of people.

Fortunately, we’ve got some good eggs at the Thought Fort.

Profile picture of Brendan Zabarauskas

Brendan Zabarauskas

Artist, Designer, Dreamer

(Friend of Thought Fort)

  • Brendan is an ever-captivated artist whose attention to detail makes his work both curious and marvellous. He was one of the first tenants to join Thought Fort and played a big part in making it what it is. Brendan lives down in Melbourne now but still comes and visits when there's promise of a coffee or a pub lunch.
  • http://voyager3.tumblr.com/
Profile picture of David Smitheram

David Smitheram

Engineer, Software developer, Film buff

(Monthly Tenant)

  • I wish I'd found the Thought Fort earlier when I decided to start my own business. The location and work environment are excellent. I can ditch the car and use public transport. The work space has fantastic natural lighting and the veranda is a great spot to have a coffee, a chat and to look away from your computer screen. The people there make it a great atmosphere to be both creative and productive.
  • Dave is an experienced civil engineer and software developer who provides web-based applications for the engineering industry and business solutions in general. But more importantly, he provides us with reliable film reviews and keeps guard of his son as they explore the exhibits at GoMA.
  • http://www.gingerbeersoftware.com.au/
Profile picture of Dean Usher

Dean Usher

Web developer, Nomad (retired)

(Monthly Tenant)

  • It's great to be a part of such a creative and productive work environment. I'm no longer alone!
  • Dean is a freelance web developer working mainly for long term client Inkjet Wholesale. The last few years has seen him travelling around Australia working from his solar powered office/caravan but he now calls Brisbane's Valley home.
  • http://deanusher.com
Profile picture of Jacobien Carstens

Jacobien Carstens

Mathematician, Fashionista, Coffee lover

(Friend of Thought Fort)

  • It's great to work from the Fort, there's fun people around but also a good working atmosphere. I'm much more productive here than I was when working from home.
  • Jacobien helped set up Thought Fort in the first place! We have much to thank her for including the drinking cup light shade that we love so much. Jacobien is currently studying a PhD in Mathematics.
  • http://www.jacobiencarstens.com/
Profile picture of Megan Yoerger

Megan Yoerger

Front End Web Developer & Designer

(Monthly Tenant)

  • Thought Fort - A positive and passionate place that has lots of awesome people in it! Can't beat that!
  • Working as a front end web developer for an enterprise content web management company in Sydney. Previously from Adelaide, but now Brisbane is my home. When not at the Fort, I'm at the gym, finding new restaurants and adding to my mug collection.
  • http://www.elcomcms.com
Profile picture of Michael Rice

Michael Rice

Organiser, Handyman, Crimefighter

(Friend of Thought Fort)

  • Put a dozen intelligent, creative, and earnest people in a room together, and there isn't anything they couldn't make fantastic.
  • Mike helped put the Thought Fort together in the first place. He brought the beers, hung the lights, and painted stuff. Plus he's just generally a great guy. By day: mild mannered lawyer. By night: mysterious crimefighter.
Profile picture of Peter Chappell

Peter Chappell

UI Guy. Web Developer. Designer.

(Monthly Tenant)

  • Thought Fort is a great place. There's no boss and people only come here to work because they want to. Awesome.
  • 15 years experience in website and application development makes Peter, owner and operator of the Experience Bureau, one of Brisbane’s best and most reliable interface designers. From harmonium repairs, to travelling the globe and jamming at bluegrass festivals, Peter has a story for every occasion.
  • http://www.experiencebureau.com